Just Make Us Legal

Just need someone to make your marriage legal?  I can do that.

Oftentimes couples will ask an honored friend or family member to perform their wedding ceremony for them, only to find that Virginia (unlike most states) is very strict on who can legally marry people. 

Other times, a couple's wedding day is approaching and they haven't been able to find a certified officiant who is available at their date or time, or who is a good fit for them. They do have a trusted friend or family member who could perform their wedding ceremony, but again, he/she may not be authorized to make the marriage legal. 

If you are facing either of these predicaments and just need someone to make things legal for you, I'm happy to help. 

Under this option, your friend or family member would officiate your wedding ceremony for you.  I would come out to your wedding venue at another time that day (or that weekend) to perform a very brief legal ceremony, usually in private. You bring the marriage license that you received from the court, I sign your license as your legal officiant, and then afterwards I return the signed license to the court so they can officially record it.  And that's it, you're legally married! It's quick and easy and none of your guests necessarily even needs to know that your public wedding ceremony is not your "legal" ceremony. 

My fee for this service is $250. That includes a free (and totally optional) phone or e-mail consultation with the friend or family member who's officiating for you, if he/she wants any tips on how to design or perform a wedding ceremony from someone who's done a few of them. I just ask for a $100 deposit to secure my services (which can be paid here), and the remainder of my fee you can pay anytime up to & including your wedding day.

If you think this service might meet your needs, please feel free to contact me to discuss further.  Thanks!