Meet Kristin!

I'm pleased to introduce Kristin Holbrook, my very first Associate Officiant!  If I'm unavailable for your wedding date, I'll check to see if Kristin can perform your ceremony.  You'd be in great hands with her, she's terrific!  Or, perhaps Kristin would be your first choice of an officiant instead of me.  No hard feelings 😊.

Kristin was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri, the home of Bart Simpson and Brad Pitt. She moved to Richmond in her high school years, living in Short Pump when the only things there were Walmart and a gas station. She has a Bachelors degree from VCU and a Masters from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington D.C. Kristin was ordained in 2010, and spent several years as a pastor in Augusta County and then Roanoke. She has an ecumenical background in various traditions, including Baptist, United Methodist, and Episcopal churches, and holds ministry credentials with the United Church of Christ. 

In 2015, Kristin and her wife Kara embarked on a massive project to take down and rebuild a 100 year old barn. They disassembled, moved, and rebuilt the barn, which they use as a wedding and event space called Cana Barn. They have been hosting weddings since 2018, and Kristin officiates about half of the weddings each year.  Between the barn, the church, and other avenues, Kristin has been officiating weddings for close to 20 years, with as few as 3 guests and as many as several hundred; in churches, wineries, barns, and picnic shelters; in English, Spanish, and a mezcla of both; LGBTQ+; religious and non-religious; first, second and third marriages. One of the things she loves about weddings these days is that they are so personal and customizable, reflecting the identity and love of the couple rather than a set, unchanging tradition. 

Kristin and Kara at Cana Barn

Kristin has worked in a number of different settings outside of the church, as a barista and then store manager at Starbucks, in the HR department at a local non-profit that serves children and families in trauma, and as a fitness instructor, teaching Zumba, kickboxing, and weightlifting.  She loves to work in roles that connect people and make their lives richer, encouraging them to be healthier, happier, and more whole.  She also loves a great cup of coffee: dark roast, no cream or sugar.

Kristin and Kara have a chocolate lab named Summitt, after the inimitable women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt.  His favorite color is orange (Go Vols!) and he hates it when she dresses him up in silly hats and outfits. 

Meet Summitt 😊

To contact Kristin directly, please feel free to send her an e-mail at