The Process

I specialize in performing relatively simple & sweet civil wedding ceremonies that can be custom-designed to reflect the personalities, values and backgrounds of the couple I'm marrying.  I am not an ordained minister, but will certainly weave religious elements into a ceremony upon request.  While I have standing legal certification to perform weddings anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia, my primary geographic focus is Charlottesville and the surrounding counties.

I have officiated at weddings with as few as 2 guests on the front lawn of the local courthouse to as many as 200 guests at a nearby winery, and everything in between.  I have also officiated at several vow-renewal ceremonies where married couples reaffirmed their commitment to one another in the presence of loved ones.  Now that marriage equality is the law of the land in Virginia, I am pleased to officiate same-sex weddings as well.

The process that I use when working with a couple is pretty straightforward:

credit: Betty Clicker Photography
Step 1:  Initial Inquiry.  In responding to an initial inquiry (typically by e-mail), I confirm my availability for your wedding date and schedule a time for us to talk (either by phone or in person) to discuss your vision for your ceremony.

Step 2:  Getting To Know You (and Vice-Versa).  We have a conversation to familiarize ourselves with each other and we discuss the process of designing and performing a wedding ceremony.  If we agree to work together, we then proceed to...

Step 3:  Designing the Ceremony.  Working from a basic template that I provide you, we work together to finalize and personalize the "script" for the big event.  Most of this can be done by e-mail and/or phone, but I am certainly willing and available to meet again in person to discuss the final details.

Step 4:  Wedding Rehearsal.  I walk the wedding party through all the steps of the ceremony and answer any and all questions about what to expect the next day.

Step 5:  Wedding Day.  I perform the ceremony and, by the power vested in me by the Commonwealth of Virginia, formally pronounce you a married couple!

Step 6:  The Paperwork.  After the ceremony, I sign the marriage license and wedding certificate to make the union official.  (For info. on how to obtain a marriage license in Virginia, click here.)  If you'd like, I will take responsibility for submitting the paperwork to the Clerk of Court's office the following week so the happy newlyweds have one less thing to worry about.

So what does this all cost?

My fee for designing and performing a regular wedding ceremony is $750.  For an elopement ceremony or a petite wedding (approx. 20 guests or fewer, and no rehearsal to attend), my fee is $450.

Note: these fees are all-inclusive.  Couples incur enough hidden charges and add-on costs in planning their weddings as it is;  I prefer to be straightforward and transparent in my pricing.

To secure my services for your wedding date, I ask for a $100 deposit;  the remainder of my fee can be paid anytime up to and including your wedding day.  Click here for payment options.

OK, what now?

If you wish to speak with me about serving as your wedding officiant, please click here for my contact info.  And good luck with all of the preparations for your big day!